Our Story

Every day, God gives us the opportunity to live, to learn and to love. He challenges those of us who follow Christ to do that by developing a Biblical worldview and to put our faith into action.  The mission of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church and School is to "deliver the saving message of Jesus Christ, and nurture spiritual growth in families".  Our vision for Trinity is to be "An inviting community, worshiping christ, and growing together".   We take great joy in partnering with God to change the world. We do this by sharing His message of salvation, embracing the truth that all of life is sacred, knowing that hope is real and that tomorrow can be better than today.

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church was established in 1904. The Church was constructed in 1904 and is the oldest existing church building in the City of Delray Beach. The building was moved from its original site on the southeast corner of N.E. 1st Street and N.E. 5th Avenue to its present location, 400 N. Swinton Avenue, in 1965. It served as the congregation’s place of worship until the new church was constructed in 1971. The original church is now used for Lent and Advent Services. On June 17, 1997, it was designated by the City Commission of the City of Delray Beach as a designated historical site. What started out in 1902 with 7 men deciding Delray Beach was where they were going to build their church and their homes and then send for their families, has turned into an active church membership of 650 baptized members and 450 confirmed members. Trinity is an LCMS Congregation.